Cyber is a complex enterprise wide risk to be integrated in to business strategy and operations

Education and Awarenes

Cyber is a complex enterprise wide risk to manage.   The interconnect and enterprise wide nature of cyber risk creates a complex lens through which boards must view cyber security, cyber risk management, board governance and regulatory compliance.  Cyber is one a very few risks which touches all aspects of an organisations financial statements, anywhere data is created, stored or consumed cyber security and cyber risk management has an impact.  With such a complex foot print, cyber attacks have a profound impact on both the top and bottom line, impacting balance sheet, profit and loss and cashflow and the boards ability to protect shareholder value and stakeholder interests.

The board manages the financial statements and has a duty of care to manage material risks such as cyber security.  It governs the implementation of regulation and operational decisions in the event of cyber incidents and their impact on the balance sheet.  The role of the board in setting strategy, managing governance and providing oversight and assurance of operational decisions is impacted significantly by cyber risk.  

The single biggest issue which cyber security faces is one of education and awareness.  It is the foundation of all aspects of change and transformation required to engage governments, corporations and society in addressing the issues which cyber creates for everyone.  Not least in the board room.  It is important that everyone in the organisation understands cyber security and cyber risk management, what it is, its impact and how to manage the risk. 

Executive education and awareness

Cyber education, awareness and updates in the board room drive an understanding of the risk.  Enabling effective governance, oversight and assurance.

Typical Projects
  • Executive education and awareness.  Supporting executive understand what is cyber, building cyber governance, assessing cyber risk and reporting.

  • 1:1 cyber coaching for executives.

  • Building cyber communications programmes.  From the board room to the shop floor.

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