June 9, 2024


The Augusta Plan 1.0

Addressing the assessment, oversight, assurance and attestation of cybersecurity risk management

An Alternative International Approach for Cyber Security Risk Management

Cybersecurity is recognized as the biggest non-financial risk faced by Nation States and their public and private sector organizations.  Unlike traditional security domains, cybersecurity has no geographic borders, its impact can be local, regional, national, or international, attackers can be located anywhere in the world and are often difficult to locate and prosecute.  Cyber attacks are increasing in complexity, frequency and financial impact.  Invariably national cyber strategies are offensive and not defensive in nature, and the defensive cyber strategies that exist do not address the needs of most public and private sector organizations.


All of which results in increasingly successful cyberattacks, increased costs of cyber compliance, higher cyber insurance premiums, and more recently a rise in cyber regulation.  At a time when cyberspace is increasing in complexity, there is a global shortage of cyber talent and corporate board rooms face increased pressure to oversight and assure cyber risk.

Following the example set by Roosevelt and Churchill aboard the USS Augusta in 1941, The Augusta Group created The Augusta Plan. This novel plan lays out a cyber risk management solution that can be adopted by domestic and global businesses and the Federal Government to oversight, assure, and manage cybersecurity.  The plan reduces the cost of oversight and assurance and delivers an appropriate level of cybersecurity

The Augusta Plan 1.0

A solution to manage, oversight and assure cybersecurity

A thorough peer-reviewed approach to securing the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) and governmental agencies using SOC 2 audits with global audit and data reciprocity.

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