July 17, 2024


Cybersecurity risk management advisory and expertise for Directors and Officers

Helping leadership teams manage cybersecurity risk and protect shareholder value

Governments, recognizing the peril to Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) have begun to swing away from market forces being a determinant for the management of cybersecurity. Adopting a regulatory approach to cybersecurity risk management. Introducing regulation that includes several proposals from the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC), affecting covered capital markets. The US Department of Defense (DoD) DFARS regime, effecting U.S defense contractors and subcontractors. The European Union (EU) Network and Infrastructure Security 2.0 (EU NIS 2.0) Directive, focused on CNI providers and the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) targets EU Financial Institutions and ICT providers. The Australian Government has plans to overhaul its cybersecurity rules and set up an agency to oversee cybersecurity.

Cyber regulation pushes cybersecurity risk management into the board rooms of covered entities. Creating significant legal and compliance risk, requiring boards to demonstrate a reasonable level of oversight, assurance and attestation of cybersecurity risks. While maintaining economic accountability to their shareholders. Underpinned in all cases by robust regulatory compliance regimes, that include both civil and criminal liability.

We at Parava are recognised as trusted professionals in cybersecurity risk management and provide services supporting boards and their organizations meet cybersecurity risk management regulation. We design and deliver cybersecurity and risk management governance, strategy, board education and advisory for the management, oversight and assurance of cybersecurity risk, in line with regulatory requirement. We have acted as cybersecurity and risk management advisors and experts to UK regulators and provided advice and guidance to U.S Government Agencies. We have delivered cybersecurity, risk management, cloud and audit education programs to staff from many U.S Federal Agencies and a broad range of private organizations.

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